Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Heartbeat?
    1. Heartbeat is an add-on that enables users to send SMSes from Google Sheets.
  2. Can I use heartbeat on my mobile phone?
    1. No, you cannot use heartbeat on your phone, it must be accessed from a computer.
  3. Is heartbeat a website?
    1. Heartbeat isn’t a website, it is a Google add-on.
  4. Can I use Heartbeat on Microsoft Excel?
    1. At the Moment, you can only use Heartbeat On Google Sheets.
  5. What does Tagging on heartbeat mean?
    1. Tagging is a way for you to send Custom Messages to people on your Sheets. It uses the information on the you column specify eg. #B# (Column B) to send custom messages to your customers.
  6. Can I use another element other than the # sign to tag?
    1. No you cannot use another element other than the # sign.
  7. What happens if I make a mistake with the Tag?
    1. To ensure you don’t make a mistake, we created a PREVIEW page, so you see a sample of your message. If there’s still a mistake, your message gets sent with the mistake.
  8. Can I create and save a template for my SMS Messages?
    1. At the moment, you cannot create or save message templates on Heartbeat.
  9. Can my SMS Sender Name be Customized?
    1. Yes, your SMS sender name can be customized with up to 11 characters (including spaces).
  10. Must the Phone Numbers be in International Format?
    1. Yes, to ensure high deliverability, your phone Numbers must be in the international format.
  11. Can I send SMSes to multiple countries from the same sheet?
    1. Yes, you can send SMSes to multiple countries, as long as the phone numbers are in international formats.
  12. Must I input my GatewayAPI token?
    1. Yes. To use Heartbeat, you must input your GatewayAPI token.
  13. Does Heartbeat Show Delivery Reports?
    1. Heartbeat does not show delivery reports at the moment. However, you may view delivery reports via your traffic logs on your GatewayAPI account.
  14. Must I comply to GDPR using Before using heartbeat?
    1. Yes, you must comply to GDPR before using heartbeat.