Private Data We Receive And Collect

In our Policies, "Validate" means Validate, with website theideamen and primary location in Lagos, Nigeria unless set forth otherwise. We may refer to Validate as "we”, "our", or "us" in the Policy. A “user”, “subject”, “data subject” refers to a person accessing our service.

We believe that you have the right to know what information we collect from you and how we use it in providing our services to you. This global privacy policy tells you what information we collect, how it is stored, who has access to it and how it is being used. Your privacy is a top priority and ensuring the information and data provided to us is kept safe and secure is a top priority that cannot be compromised. This policy aligns with (and in some cases exceeds) the main requirements of applicable

This privacy policy may be supplemented by other policies governing certain geographical regions as to comply with applicable law of that region, therefore, being in consensus with the accepted cultural norms, in the event of a conflict with this privacy policy and that of locally applicable privacy policy, the latter should prevail which is the locally applicable privacy policy

It’s advised you read this policy in full


We have built a service that would allow you to send SMS directly from Google Sheets. Our service comes in the form of an Add-On to the Google Sheets..

We require you to use a Google account and an Online City account..


Validate was created by the company T.I.M (The Idea Men) currently located in Lagos, Nigeria. ( & )


  1. The Policy covers all Personal Data ("Personal Data") in any form, including but not limited to electronic data, disks and paper documents and all types of processing, whether manual or automated, that is in validate’s care and control this would include information held about validate’s members ,employees , partners and third parties
  2. This policy is applicable to any third party working with or on behalf of validate , the third party is expected to follow this privacy policy and perform its services in line with it


  1. Validate - validate means relevant validate entity put in charge of processing and handling personal Data on behalf of validate and validate officials who are part of the validate group
  2. Third Party- third party shall mean any third party or business Partner who works with validate or who is granted access to or is otherwise entrusted with Personal Data on behalf of validate , for example suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors and other service providers.
  3. Personal data-any information leading to the identification of a natural person through the use of that information , any information that can allow another individual link data to a natural person .
  4. Sensitive information-sensitive information here means information which would lead to a loss of level of security if disclosed


When using validate you’re required to sign into a google account validate receives your email only which is the core information we work with in providing our service ,validate interacts with the information on the spread sheet but does not save the information to our servers

Sensitive information will not be divulged to third party without proper authentication .


  • Validate: Validate is referred to as the Application created by the parent company T.I.M (The Idea Men) currently situated in Lagos Nigeria, with website at the idea men . This Application will solely access your email address to send SMSs and emails from Google Sheets on your behalf.
  • Third-Party: Third-party shall mean any third party or business partner who works with Validate, The Idea Men, or who are granted access to or is otherwise entrusted with Personal Data on behalf of Validate, for example, suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors and other service providers.
  • Personal data: Any personally identifiable information.
  • Sensitive information: Sensitive information here also means data that could lead to personally identifiable information – in this case, phone numbers email addresses accessed from the Spreadsheets and the Google Account accessed used to perform our service.


Validate receives your Google email address to on our servers to enable us to provide to you, our services. Your Google email address is stored on our servers even after the service is completed and is not shared with any other third party. Your Google email address is strictly collected for purposes stated in this privacy policy and will not be used for any other purpose.


The phone numbers, addresses and other information specified in the cells of your spreadsheet are processed (SMS messages are customised and sent) using our application. After the service we provide has been completed, the information no longer resides on our application. We do not access any other information not specified to perform our service. We also do not do not back up your information used for any other purpose not specified for the intended use of our application. Your information accessed is marked as sensitive, not sent to any other third-party that is not Online City, and is labelled as strictly confidential.


Validate is not exposed to any other information from users to the service and operates strictly with what is written in this privacy policy both implied and expressly. We assure you of the safety of your information with us and no hidden estoppels.


  • Your data will be used only to perform the service stated by Validate and Online City. If required, to comply with a legal obligation or a legitimate business need (e.g. for marketing purposes or to send promotional offers), that may require the use of your personal data, by us or Online City, your express permission will be requested.
  • We have obtained Informed Consent when it is specifically required by law or by applicable policy. This is when in the case of none of the other legal grounds described above is applicable and to the extent permitted under applicable law.
  • No breach is too small for action. All claims regarding the breach of our privacy policy will be examined immediately. We do not collect Sensitive Data or Personal Data relating to criminal convictions and offenses unless required by applicable law or when allowed by applicable law with the Data Subject's (right to withdraw consent) prior express consent. Industry standard technical and organizational measures are implemented to prevent against accidental or unlawful destruction or loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, or any other unlawful or unauthorized forms of Processing.


We will only access your personal data while you use our service, after which based on your decision, you can withdraw your consent from us to store your personal data.


As a user, you possess the right to stop using our service. You can withdraw your consent from us to access your data, delete, modify, change, your personal information accessible to us.


You can contact us at for enquiries or complaints. We respond as soon as possible. In the event that a complaint for the misuse of data arises, will cooperate with the appropriate data protection supervisory authorities and comply to resolve any outstanding complaint.


This privacy policy may be updated periodically to comply with Google LLC privacy policies standard. All changes or amendments will be published online where you can access them at anytime.

Date effective : September 11th, 2019